Behind the Scenes

The Spot Story

“The blinding flash of inspiration came while I was killing time in an Apple store in Chicago. I had never picked up an iPad before, and I had no idea what to do with it. Someone showed me how to move my fingers across it and how, if I pinched my fingers together, I could make stuff really big. I suddenly went, ‘Wow! This would be a great way to explore an idea I’ve been playing around with since art school.’” 

 As a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, David was struck by the idea of creating a story that didn’t follow linear dimensions. At the time, no technology existed that could allow him to truly explore this idea, although in titles such as Flotsam and The Three Pigs he pushed the boundaries of linear storytelling on the printed page.
When the iPad was introduced, David realized it offered the technology necessary for this forty-year-old idea to come to fruition. From that came Spot, an ideal combination of David’s beautiful artwork and relentlessly inventive imagination. Through Spot, David has brought to life a universe that allows other dreamers, imaginers, and storytellers to create endlessly varied tales every time they open the app.
Download the David Wiesner’s Spot: A Parent & Educator Guide for an extended behind-the-scenes look at David Wiesner’s Spot!