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David Wiesner has created fully realized worlds with characters, settings, and history that allow students to weave countless stories. David’s luminous art provides settings and props to inspire storytellers. Students can explore various worlds and characters, using their discoveries as the jumping-off place for creating their own imaginative stories. You may also use this app to discuss dialogue and elements of a story. Your students may even be inspired to invent new worlds of their own!

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This guide will help you unlock the incredible world of David Wiesner’s Spot and is uniquely designed to support fundamentally focused learning areas including:

  • Executive Function
  • Creative Expression
  • Language and Literacy
  • Family and Community
  • Social and Emotional

Bring David Wiesner’s Spot to the classroom with group activities, creative writing prompts and discussion topics for students.


Example prompts:

  • Point of View. Instruct students to find the dog on the leash in cat world. Use this scene to discuss point of view. What’s the story here? How did a dog find his or her way into cat world? Is the dog plotting escape?
  • Travel Brochure. Spot travel is a common theme throughout the app. Ask students to create a travel brochure for one of the five worlds. Include the main attractions in each world, reasons why tourists might want to visit, and a drawing that will entice people to visit.



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