Parent Guide

Each world within Spot lends itself to a wide array of discussion topics and potential stories for parents to share with their children. As you explore, ask questions to encourage critical thinking and observation.

From these questions, allow your child to take over and begin to set the stage for his or her own imaginative story. If your child gets stuck, help move the story along by asking more questions. Why did the aliens visit the robot world, and how did they get there? What did the robots say when they saw the aliens? Before you know it, your child will become an expert storyteller!

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Help nurture your child’s imagination with discussion questions, activities, and story prompts.


Example prompts:

  • Sea Sandwiches. In the underwater world an alien is making a jellyfish sandwich. Ask your child to create a menu for Spot. What food is eaten in each world? Perhaps jellyfish sandwiches are eaten in underwater world, and nuts-and-bolts soup is served in robot world. What do these foods look like?
  • New World. Have your child draw, sketch, or paint a world he or she would like to see added to the app. Ask your child why he or she made the choices that he or she did. Ask your child: Who might live in the world? Who might visit the world?